Philadelphia PA - Sketchcrawl 3/6/05

Share your drawings from March 6th 2005
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Philadelphia PA - Sketchcrawl 3/6/05

Post by Hito » Tue Mar 01, 2005 6:12 am

What is it?

Its a day where artists world wide get together, hangout, and record the day's events in sketchbooks; whereever they might be.

Anyone can participate, all are welcome. Bring your sketchbook and pencils.

We're meeting @ 10AM sunday morning by the North Entrance of Cityhall. under the two large statues. Itinerary is tentative at this point... and can change on a whim

We'll get breakfast/Coffee/Donut

Visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Those who wish can visit the Dali Exhibit. Be sure to have enough money for the ticket. Its 20$ regular admission; 17$ w/ Student/Senior ID
Possibly the Rodin Museum on the Parkway

Lunch in Chinatown, walk, take a bus, cab, subway, whatever suits your fancy.
Eric Guo knows a Pho place that has great deals.

Visit Gallery in PAFA if time permits, walk around the City look at some churches, whatever.

Hit a pub, some sketching, share books and see everyone's sketch done that day.

Stay as long as you want and head home whenever you feel like.

When all's done, scan your sketches and post them online, share it with sketchcrawl artists world wide!

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Post by enrico » Tue Mar 01, 2005 6:18 am

Sounds like a great day plan Hito !



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