2nd crawler from the city of angels: BANGKOK

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2nd crawler from the city of angels: BANGKOK

Post by asnee » Fri Jul 10, 2009 1:45 pm

Hi guys, nice to be part of whose who crawl. I am probalby the second of such thing from this part of the world but I am certain that the number won't stay at two!
Heard about Sketchcrawl for a while but some how slip my short attention. It was just two days ago when Mike Thomas mentioned about it again on Flickr. Thanks Mike. After some searches, I am glad that I am not the first here, K Eye had been crawling for a couple of years by now.

I am a Thai senior citizen, trained and work in Singapore for over 20 years as an architect. Stopped working around end of 2001 for no apparent good reasons and tag along our high school son in Australia for a while. I moved back to Bangkok around 2003, work with a friend for another year, just to prove that working is not best I could do before getting more serious with drawing, sketching and painting.

I am happy to be able to participate in Sketchcrawl in Bangkok and hope Bangkok would see more crawlers soon. In addition to having fun at flickr (flickr.com/photos/asnee), i also enjoy being at urbansketchers as its Bangkok correspondant.

The next crawl will start tomorrow, Sat. 11 July here in Bangkok. I have convinced a few friend to join me at Wat Pho (see Eye's post somewhere) and I am all hands for my first crawl!
Asnee: Bangkok

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