Looking for sketchcrawlers in Portugal!

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Looking for sketchcrawlers in Portugal!

Post by juliabax » Wed Oct 28, 2009 10:24 am

My name is Julia and I'm a brazilian artist currently living in Paris, France. (juliabax.com, juliabax.blogspot.com - my email is juliabax@gmail.com)
I am sad that I won't be in Paris for the next Crawl - I'm really eager to meet other artists and this seems like a great opportunity to do so (anyone? anyone? :thumbup: )- but I'll be travelling to Portugal to settle some paperwork! I've been told that the country is exquisite and really inspires drawing from life, so I'm looking for the local sketchcrawlers group! I still didn't see anyone setting it up in the forum.. any other Lusitanos that care to join me? I'll probably be in Lisbon but I'd be willing to try to get to Porto just for this if necessary!
Let's burn some lead folks!

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Re: Looking for sketchcrawlers in Portugal!

Post by vogadosketx » Thu Nov 12, 2009 11:36 pm

Hello Julia,
I think in Lisbon or Porto there will not be a sketchcrawl. I've no information about that. I'm trying to find people for one in Barreiro, where I live. It's near Lisbon, but you'll need to cross the river by Ferry. (Blog - http://curtinas.blogspot.com/; email is hvogado33@gmail.com).

Or you can participate on the 22nd November, at Lisbon (http://diariosgraficos.blogspot.com/200 ... ontro.html). The group is "Colectivo de Diários Gráficos" in this blog (http://diariosgraficos.blogspot.com/).

Espero ter ajudado! :thumbup:

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