Hallo From near Richmond, VA

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Hallo From near Richmond, VA

Post by Bairbreaine » Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:01 pm

Hallo fellow SketchCrawl artists. :wave:
I'm Bairbre Aine. I live just 15miles north outside the city of Richmond, VA.
New to this online group, but not to SketchCrawl. Participated in a few (infrequent due to work)
San Diego crawls.
Have been in Virginia for five months and would like to join OR organize
a group myself near the city.
Hoping that there are other artists looking for such a group, despite the winter months ahead of us.
Please contact me here via response if interested or have knowledge of near by group already in existence. Thank you.
Cheers~ Bairbre Aine :D

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Re: Hallo From near Richmond, VA

Post by CyberDave » Thu Jan 05, 2012 6:52 pm

Bairbreaine :wave:

:think: Suggest you post under Sketchcrawl#34 topic as "Richmond, Virginia - USA" and see if you get any posts from others to the topic. Request local sketchers contact you if interested and suggest some suitable locations to sketch.
I always make sure there are washrooms, place to duck into if it rains and possibly a place to sit with the group for a coffee or drink afterwards to share the results. Unless you have a well established group, I suggest you be decisive and pick a suitable spot and announce it. In that way if you get no replies then at least you have a place to sketch on your own in comfort. :)

:think: You may want to contact member "Raudy" from Fredericksburg, Virginia with a private post. She might know of people closer to you.
:think: Or you may want to post to the Sketchcrawl#34 Fredericksburg topic at viewtopic.php?f=59&t=7318 to see if there is anyone that can help.

Cheers and good luck
Vancouver, Canada

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