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Re: Greetings from Vermont

Post by CyberDave » Sun Jan 08, 2012 10:03 pm

sarajohn52.. :wave:

I don't see any posts for this next Sketchcrawl #34 on Jan 21st, from Vermont so far and haven't seen any participants during 2011 from Vermont either. There were Vermont participants in 2010 and 2009.
The last Sketchcrawler I can see was from Greensboro just east of your city/town of Stowe. David Navas apparently was vacationing in Greensboro, but is from Los Angeles. :(

I suggest you start by doing a sketchcrawl site search - see search in the blue band at top/right of the web-page and type "Vermont". Try doing a Personal Message to a couple of the Vermont members and see if any are interested again. The PM will send an email to these folks :) I see from the search there are a couple of folks that were living in Brattleboro, not sure if they are still there.

Anyway, I suggest you post a topic titled "Vermont, USA" in Sketchcrawl 34 - viewforum.php?f=59 and ask if anyone is interested in getting together. Sometimes you will pick up visitors or vacationers, as well as local sketchers. Otherwise, try doing a sketchcrawl on your own and posting your results. Not as much fun as having a group, but your posting results may encourage others locally. You may also find other interested people while you are out on your crawl.

Dave Fletcher
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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