São Paulo - Brazil

Saturday April 16th 2011 - Earthquake & tsunami emergency Benefit
Montalvo Machado
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São Paulo - Brazil

Post by Montalvo Machado » Sat Apr 16, 2011 1:44 pm

Hello Sketchcrawlers!

Hope you all enjoy the day and the good vibes in drawing for sheer pleasure, in the company of good friends.

That's what we're about to do in São Paulo, Brazil, joining our folks at the "Bovespa Coreto", a location in downtown SP, a small wooden stage, placed there as a reminder of the old times in small towns where small bands used to play.


Right after our Sketchcrawl there will be a 24 hour event, called http://www.viradacultural.org/programacao joining around 4 million people in many different stages, theater halls, movies, libraries, schools, etc for the weekend.

Last year I stayed awake for 36 hours, 10 of them Sketchrawling and the rest on many shows, presentations and a live model workshop. It was tiring but extremely fun.

Here we go again!

See your posts soon.




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