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Deanna Tres Orejas
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Taos NM - New to Sketchcrawl

Post by Deanna Tres Orejas » Mon Mar 23, 2009 5:19 pm

I live about 30 minutes drive from Taos, NM. This area is a beehive of artistic endeavor. I enjoy learning, sketching, painting, and being outside. Although I enjoy doing these things by myself, it would be fun to get together with others once in awhile too. If you live in the Taos area and you would also like to sketch/paint with an other or others once in awhile, contact me by replying to this topic or by email deannaleeparker@yahoo.com I am a 60-year-old-thirty-year-old grandmother and I enjoy being in the company of all ages and skill levels.

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Re: Taos NM - New to Sketchcrawl

Post by gustavo » Fri Apr 10, 2009 9:21 am

Hi Deanna Tres Orejas,

Thank you for visiting, and for taking the time to introduce yourself as well. Not sure if you were able to create a post for your location (Taos area) in the 22nd SketchCrawl section (I think we all have been too busy to check all the new posts). I believe one of the ways to meet other people in your area is to post your location during these events.

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